Western Aikido Yoshokai (WAY)

Welcome back! Enbukan Dojo has resumed Aikido training and is open to new and returning students. Masks are required during training and students are encouraged to bring their own hand sanitizers.

Looking forward to seeing you in training soon!


Sensei Tom Blackburn and the dojo instructors.

Aikido. Calligraphy by Kushida Sensei

At the Enbukan Dojo we learn the way to harmony through


Origins of Aikido

The origin of Aikido is in a Japanese fighting technique known as Daitoryu Aiki-Jujutsu. One of the most prominent students was Morihei Ueshiba, who, after deep study developed the basis for modern day Aikido. One of his students, Gozo Shioda, began studying with Ueshiba Sensei in 1932 during the developmental stage of modern Aikido. In 1952, Shioda Sensei put on the first major demonstration of Aikido for the general public in Japan. That same year he organized his own school of Aikido, the Yoshinkan, and took in eleven live-in professional students, including Takashi Kushida.

Kushida Sensei studied Aikido at the Yoshinkan school for ten years as a live-in student. After this period of intense study he was made Senior Assistant Instructor at the Yoshinkan. In 1973 Kushida Sensei retired his position at the Yoshinkan after he was invited to teach in the United States. In 1991 Kushida Sensei formed his own organization called Aikido Yoshokai Association of North America (AYANA).

Today, Kushida Sensei's legacy continues to be taught by his son Akira Kushida Sensei and his daughter Keiko Kushida-Cauley Sensei at his school, the Genyokan Dojo located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. AYANA sanctions over 50 instructors at nearly 40 locations around the United States, Japan, and Australia.

En Myo

To perform actions with a bright clarity. To maintain awareness of everything you choose to do, and to do well what you choose. A demonstration of living life fully engaged. Calligraphy by Kushida Sensei

Aikido Yoshokai in Silicon Valley

The Enbukan Dojo was founded in 1995 by head instructor Tom Blackburn and his students. Blackburn Sensei began his study of Aikido under Kushida Sensei in Michigan in 1973, and visited Japan with Kushida Sensei on several of his trips. Enbukan dojo instructors have all trained under Kushida Sensei. All instructors have studied Yoshokai Aikido for over 20 years and have completed the intensive 20 month program for teacher certification and study called Kenshu. Instructors continue to attend special study clinics to keep their teaching and knowledge up to date, and to actively train and grow their own understanding of Aikido.


All instructors are volunteers. They bring decades of combined Aikido knowledge, and they teach with the belief that harmony is important to our community and beyond.

Tom (Lead Instructor)
6th Degree Black Belt
4th Degree Black Belt
Linda (Youth Instructor)
2nd Degree Black Belt
2nd Degree Black Belt
2nd Degree Black Belt

On the border of Cupertino & Sunnyvale, just off the 280

The enbukan Dojo began in 1988 in Sunnyvale, and opened its first full time facility in Mountain View in 1995. In 2011, the dojo moved to a more convenient location at the IOOF Lodge in Cupertino.

Our address:

20589 West Homestead Road
Cupertino, California 95014

Schedule and Payments

Enbukan offers youth and adult classes. Class dues are used to support the facility, pay for insurance and other operational costs. We accept dues in cash, by check made out to "Western Aikido Yoshokai, (W.A.Y.)", or through Zelle (details at the Dojo). Discounts available to families with 3 members or more.

The dojo is a non-profit 501c3. All instructors are volunteers and are not paid.

Youth classes

Tuesday 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Dues: $30 per month

In youth classes students build fluid movements with partners, learn techniques, hear stories and play Aikido games. Children under 7 can train if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Youth classes require one adult to be present in addition to the teacher. We may ask parents to remain at times.

Adult classes (ages 15+)

Tuesday 7:30pm - 9:00pm

Dues: $50 per month

In adult classes, physical and mental flexibilities grow through mastering various open hand and weapon techniques. Your practice increases awareness of others, your surroundings and yourself. The goal is to build harmony by learning to fit and blend with others through natural ways.

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20589 West Homestead Road
Cupertino, California 95014

Western Aikido Yoshokai (WAY)

We are part of the Aikido Yoshokai association of North America. Please visit our parent website at


W.A.Y. is a non-profit educational organization that admits students of any race, color, nationality, ethnic origin or orientation.